Wednesday, 17 May 2017

OAKLEY Sunglasses

Oakley Inc. is a renowned company, situated in California, USA, and is a subsidiary of an Italian brand named Luxottica that manufactures the most amazing designs and types of sunglasses in various sorts of optical lenses. The brand also manufactures other lifestyle and sports products including watches, ski goggles, backpacks, shoes, sports visors, and various other products. The majority of the products are made in stock at their main headquarters, yet few nations embrace limited styles that are important to their business. The brand currently has almost 600 trademarks for its eyewear.

OAKLEY Sunglasses lenses
OAKLEY Sunglasses lenses
The brand provides sunglasses for all types of flashes of light and sports events. Following are the types of lenses available in Oakley sunglasses:

Iridium lenses have an extra coating of divergence which is filled in the frames, which is very much like the polarization covering on a lens. This sort of Oakley licensed mechanics usually contains a reflected outcome alongside the extra coating of divergence. These lenses are accessible in any shade with or without polarization.

Transitions lens tends to get dark when the sun rays are reflected over them. These sunglasses come in 5 different shades out of which 3 are Iridium conversions. They do not blacken while driving as they are activated by the sunlight only.

Tinted lenses are those lenses that are coated with a tint on the exterior of the frame. Oakley provides tinted frames in both Oakley Iridium covering and also without it the coating.

Polarized lenses contain a film in their frames which only permits radiance to go direct via the frame. Dispersed beams and light are obstructed because of the film. These frames are mostly used by sportsmen and eye specialists generally suggest polarized frames to people who’ve gone through an eye operation lately or have eyes that are sensitive to light rays. The lens with polarization are thought to be friendly as compared to other tinted frames. It might be tough to see certain gadget screens properly while wearing these frames, however, if you move your head to the left or right a bit, it will definitely resolve this issue.

Prism lenses contain layers that are the latest inventions of the Oakley brand. They are very much like the Iridium layers however the amount of divergence is even wonderfully adjusted. For instance, Prism frames for indoor Baseball players give fine divergence with a plain ball in contrast to a pastel or brown surrounding while the prism frames for outdoor players give fine divergence with a plain ball in contrast to a neutral or blue-colored sky or surrounding.

The majority of the Oakley lens that is partially rimless is accessible with a square or circle-shaped frame.  The typical Oakley designs are found in circle-shaped frames however the famous XJL and XL designs are made in square-shaped frames. The shades usually cost between $80-$100 and are definitely one of the best and most stylish sunglasses in the current market.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Sunglasses trends 2017

With summer coming to a close and those not too cold, but wonderfully golden, days of Fall making their way to us why not take a look at what’s cool in terms of sunglasses right now.

And for those of you who think sunglasses are just for summer – they’re really not!
Sunglasses trends in 2017
Sunglasses trends in 2017
So what is cool in the world of eyewear at the moment?

Well, surprisingly, tinted shade made a big comeback this year, despite their previous connotations with the likes of British comedian Ali Gi! This year those amber-tinted shades are being taken more seriously. With a little celebrity endorsement and designers such as Louis Vuitton and Prada making them look cool on the catwalk, these seventies-style retro shades are back. Think aviator, here!

Sunglasses 2017In fact, as we’ve seen with the return of the amber-tinted lenses, color is still a big consideration. It was featured regularly on the catwalks of Paris and Milan this year, with the likes of Fendi, Trussardi and Banana Republic also sporting ombre lenses with a pinkish tint.

Clear lenses were still popular for this year’s Spring collections – if not quite as much as the colored lenses – and with the likes of Chanel carrying the look into Fall with their own over-sized lenses then they can only be seen as both classy and chic. Clear frames are also the ones to go for if you’re into the ever-trendy geeky look. And for those of you who want to hang on to a little color then clear lenses with a slight gradient darkening are an option, too.

Also predicted to be one of the top trends for Fall are what some fashion experts have been calling the “Bug Eye” look. In terms of lenses think either colored or dark and again, of course, big or biggish.

So, while we’re now pretty clued up on the lenses front, what about those all-important shapes and frames – or not, because not rimless is okay too. Well, as we already know, Fall frames are set to be big, nothing much new there – virtually all of us are familiar with that ever-popular trademark Gucci favorites.

In fact, virtually all of the designers are still making statements with large frames this year, however, for those of you who don’t want to get lost behind your eyewear then you won’t look out of place with some of the smaller options out there. Talking retro again, wired frames with smaller round lenses for you men out there are firmly back in. There is also a bit of a futuristic vibe going, if the ultra-cool metallic rimless ones, by the likes of the SteamPunk brand, are anything to go by.

What sunglasses to wear in 2017
What sunglasses to wear in 2017

 In terms of shape, there’s everything from round, square, octagonal, or those with a sophisticated upward slant. And if color is big in lenses then it is no less so with frames, there are numerous bright and bold shades out there to choose from. A more conservative grey is big, too, along with a good selection of marbled, animalistic and multi-toned designs on offer.

And if all those seem just a little too serious then why not consider a pair of oh-so-cute Cat Eye Sunglasses with on-trend thick and chunky frames. Philip Lim and Versace models strutted their stuff wearing these marvels this year. With their quirky designs and look-at-me round lenses, they really are rather stylish!

Monday, 1 February 2016

Photochromic lenses

Photochromic lenses
Photochromic lenses
In the world of sunglasses, Photochromic lenses have recently become very popular. The Photochromic word is a combination of two words in which the first “photo” stands for light and the second “chroma” stands for color. So a photo-chromatic lens is such a lens, which changes its color based on its exposure to the light. In the case of sunglasses, these lenses change the tint when exposed to light and also in some sort of sunglasses the color of lens changes from drank to light and vice versa when exposed to light. In the case of sunglasses, the main purpose of using a Photochromic lens is to save the user’s eyes from ultraviolet radiation which will otherwise start damaging the eyes. This sort of sunglasses is usually popular among athletes, hikers, and sportsmen who have to travel a lot in sunlight. These lenses block the passage of ultraviolet rays by chemical processes and in that way, the observer can enjoy working in harmless sunlight.

The working principle of Photochromic lenses is very simple. Initially introduced Photochromic lenses used to be made of silver compounds. These compounds were considered sensitive to sunlight hence when the light fell on this lens, the silver compounds undergo chemical processes to turn the color of lens to dark. This helped in preventing some of the UV rays from passing through the glass. Now a day the special type of Photochromic lenses are made which contain polycarbonate or plastics instead of silver compounds. When light falls on these photo-chromatic lenses, the carbon molecules enlarge in size and a sort of rearrangement takes place, this results in building up of an impermeable carbon molecule wall inside the lens through which the UV rays are impossible to pass. Hence these modern photochromatic lens sunglasses have proved to be very effective.

It usually takes around a minute or so for the lens to react to exposed sunlight and change its color. However, some high-quality lenses can change the color within 22 to 28 seconds. It depends on the quality of the lens.  The time to revert from changed state to the original one is usually around 15 minutes. The warmer lens tends to change color more quickly as compared to the cold lenses. This shows the increased efficiency of Photochromic lenses in the summer season when the sun is at its peak. Also, there is a phenomenon name temperature dependency which saves the lens from damage when exposed abruptly to exceedingly high temperatures by slowing down the thermal changing process.

How does photochromic lenses work?
How do photochromic lenses work?
There are a lot of advantages of Photochromic lens sunglasses. Sufficient protection against UV rays can be obtained by using such sunglasses. These glasses are very versatile in nature as these glasses undergo changes according to the changing climate so that in the end a compatible lens is created which can be used according to respective weather. So such sunglasses deprive the user of worry to continuously switch between sunglasses. The UV absorption ratio in modern photochromatic lens sunglasses in 100% which provides the protection necessary for saving the eyes from harmful UV rays.

There are disadvantages of Photochromic lens sunglasses as well. The color-changing process of such sunglasses is very slow which sometimes becomes irritating. These glasses will work and change color only when used outdoor or at places where UV rays are present. The working ability of such photochromatic lens sunglasses becomes very poor while driving as the windshield of the car already eliminates a lot of UV rays leaving behind little or very fewer UV rays for photochromatic lens sunglasses to undergo the color-changing process.  There are a lot of photo-chromatic lens types such as Transitions, Reactolite, Reactions, and Graduations.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Underrated Designer Sunglasses

Everyone has heard of Ray-Ban and Gucci and everyone wished they could afford such fashionable eyewear but realistically it is just a dream for many. The world of sunglass fashion tends to overlook many designers that are not only producing innovative eyewear but are more affordable with just as much detail, style, and quality. Here are five of the underrated sunglass designers that you should not only check out but that you can actually afford without breaking the bank.

 Le Specs sunglasses
Etnia sunglassesLe Specs-
This Aussie based designer, Le Specs has been a quiet yet popular sunglasses designer since the 1980s. The frames model those originally used in the '80s and make a bold statement with its vibrant colors and prints. If you are looking for something a little sleek yet still has a little "wow" factor their sunglasses cater to you also. With a variety of styles, frames, and colors you are sure to find the right pair of sunglasses to match your personality.

Etnia sunglasses are designed by a group of Barcelonians that pride themselves in manufacturing their products from sustainable materials. The sunglasses utilize crystal colored lenses that makes them not only long-lasting and durable but adds a vibrant touch of color. The frames range from vintage style to modern with beautiful patterns and chic design. You can make a statement with these skillfully crafted and colorful sunglasses.

Pared sunglassesPared-
Attention to detail is the focus of the Pared sunglasses design. Simple frames and colors make a statement with the fine detail that can be found on any Pared sunglasses. They pride themselves on producing nothing but the highest quality of handcrafted, unique designs.

Quay sunglasses
Quay Australia-
Quay Australia is a Melbourne based family-owned business that entered the international market in 2009. These lines of sunglasses are geared toward the more carefree spirited individuals with bold frames, eye-catching colors and unique prints. Many celebrities actually have been spotted wearing Quay Australia design but with a price tag of under $60 a pair even the non-celebrity can afford these sunglasses.

Komono sunglassesKomono-
Kimono is a Belgium based company that incorporates simple forms with balanced details. Their unique frames stand out amongst competitors but it is really in the fine details and colors that make these sunglasses shine.
Whether you are looking for something that complements your own style or wants a pair of sunglasses that make a statement these designer scans offer you want you are looking for. They specialize in quality and take the extra time to make each detail count they may not be Gucci but these sunglasses will have you feeling like a celebrity without having to spend on a celebrity price tag. If you are looking for some great designer sunglasses that are affordable and are of high quality than one of these designers may be perfect for you.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Choosing The Perfect Sunglasses - More Than Just Making A Fashion Statement

Choosing The Perfect Sunglasses
Choosing The Perfect Sunglasses
Nowadays, many people choose sunglasses on a fashionable basis. Obviously, it is important to find the perfect style of sunglasses for your face, however, sunglasses are not only an accessory that will make you a showbiz star on the streets. Instead, wearing the right sunglasses can prevent causing short and long term eye damage caused by the ultraviolet (UV) rays.

In fact, many studies have shown that the ultraviolet exposure coming from the sun increases the risk of cataracts and many other types of blindness and even eye cancer. Therefore, a few hours spent under intense UV exposure with cheap sunglasses without UV protection can lead you to blindness or eye cancer, as scary as it may sound.

Therefore, it is important to purchase your next sunglasses from a top-quality and certified brand. Moreover, to help you and make your choice worth it, we are sharing a list of important factors to consider when buying your next pair of sunglasses.

1. Aim For 100% UV Protection - Make sure that your next sunglasses protect your eyes to the maximum - with being 100% UV protective, they will block the harmful UV rays and make your stay under the sun pleasant.

2. Bigger is always better - Your eyes need more coverage from the sun in order to prevent the harmful infliction on your eyes. That is why oversized and wraparound style glasses with UV protection are the best choice.

3. Ditch The Dark Look - While they look cool and cover your eyes, it's a common myth that darker shaded sunglasses protect your eyes better. Although there may be models that come with stellar UV protection, the myth of darker sunglasses being more protective is - well only a myth.

4. The importance behind choosing polarized - Polarization does not cut UV as many people think. It is a feature that cuts off the glare coming off the reflective surfaces such as pavements, roads, and water. However, it is important to choose sunglasses that are polarized especially if you are planning to wear them while driving or more often under the sun, helping your vision better.

5. Cost is not a factor - A pair of designer sunglasses costing a fortune does not mean they are ultra-protective under the sun. That is why you should always look for the UV and polarization properties and ditch off the price unit.
Choosing Sunglasses
Choosing The Perfect Sunglasses
 In the end, sunglasses are more than simple appearances. They provide the sun protection your eyes need, and that is the main reason why you should settle for a 100% UV and polarized pair of sunglasses - and be safe wherever you go.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

4 Hottest 2016 Sunglass Trends for Men of Fashion

Ever since its establishment back in the early years of 19th century, sunglasses have become a major trend in the modern world. They are not only practical, as they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they also provide the perfect detail to your outlook. It would be safe to say that sunglass trends are majorly popular among all fashion buffs, and one of the most fashionable accessories of 2016.  Whether you’re profiling in an afternoon or having Saturday night drink with the gang, sunglasses play a significant role in defining style regimens.

As we have established the importance of sunglasses in your wardrobe, choosing the right pair of sunglasses is a tricky business. Some styles of sunglasses look good on you and others not so much. Because all men have a desire to look stylish and desirable, here is a list of the 4 hottest sunglasses for men.

1.      Aviator Sunglasses
Men's aviator sunglasses for 2016
Men's aviator sunglasses
Developed by Bausch & Lomb, aviators are highly fashionable and popular among the fashion world. The now Ray-Ban Aviators, were originally the designs of Bausch & Lomb. Many other reputable fashion companies also produce sunglasses in aviator style. The characteristic dark and frequently reflective lenses of aviators have the size of about two or three times larger than the eyeball. The metal frame is very thin and often comes with a double or triple bridge. These are most suitable for heart-shaped faces in men. 

2.      Wayfarer Sunglasses
Men's wayfarer sunglasses for 2016
Men's wayfarer sunglasses
Wayfarer Sunglass style was made popular by the iconic sunglass brand, Ray-Ban. The fashion emerged back in the 1950s. The design and aesthetics provided for a fresh trend and relief from the boring metal eyewear prevalent at that time. Over time the popularity trend of this design took a downfall, but recent runway shows have brought this style back to life. The Wayfarer style provides for a retro look. It has lightly colored sunglass rims and lenses, and are perfect for this time of the year.

3.      Mirrored Sunglasses 
Men's mirrored sunglasses for 2016
Men's mirrored sunglasses
The significant characteristic of these sunglass designs is that they are so reflective that people around you can even see their reflection. These sunglasses look brilliant in photographs. This style of sunglasses is perfect for seizing attention to yourself. They exude an enigmatic but confident personality. If you like to show people that you are confident, independent and you mean business, mirrored sunglasses will be your go-to choice. Aviator sunglasses are the main example of these sunglasses.

4.      D-Frame Sunglasses 
Men's D-Frame sunglasses for 2016
Men's D-Frame sunglasses
D-frame sunglasses emanate a contemporary yet retro look. These sunglass designs are popular and in demand for their precision and uniqueness in design. Most of the other styles have an oval shape, however, D-frame sunglasses break the stereotype and are distinguishable from the sharp square cut along the upper part of rims. It projects a futuristic sensation and a distinct sex appeal.  The best designs in this genre can be found in the Dolce and Gabbana selection.

So there you have it. If you have followed our suggested details on the hottest sunglass trends, you are set to sizzle. Share your experience with us in the comments section below.